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At Lanopearl we are inspired by nature and the boundless possibilities Australian herbs have to offer.

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Lanopearl is proud to be a 100% Australian owned and operated company.

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Anti-ageing from Australia
Founded in 1993, Lanopearl has since established itself as a respected Australian company that manufactures and distributes high quality skincare products and vitamins.
We cater for both the Australian and international market, exporting to 30 countries around the globe and achieving market leadership in Asia.
We have five established brands. They are: Lanopearl Bio Peak Skincare, Mt. Retour Certified Organic, Rebirth Skincare, Purarose and Life Spring Vitamins.
Many of our products contain natural ingredients found in abundance throughout Australia that have unrivalled healiing and rejuvenating properties. It is these potent herbal extracts, combined with the latest cutting-edge technology that affords our products a unique and unrivalled edge.
At Lanopearl, a holistic approach to health and beauty is our guiding force. As such, our extensive range covers every aspect of health and wellbeing from massage oils through to aromatherapy. We follow the ‘Triangle of Life’ philosophy whereby we believe wellbeing is a combination of happiness, love and health.